I am pleased to offer my extensive experience in government management, legislative and regulatory advocacy, and policy making to help accomplish your needs. Since 1997, I have consulted with clients focused on natural resource conservation, state budget appropriations, fish and wildlife, natural lands acquisition, consumer protection, transportation, and state administrative procedures.

I work with clients to determine natural solutions derived from a realistic appraisal of an issue's essential qualities and a long term strategic focus, and to implement solutions based on extensive practical experience.

I am able to assist organizations from throughout California and even Washington, D.C. - any that have program needs involving the California Legislature or State agencies in Sacramento.




Those who recognize the need to think and act strategically significantly increase their chances of success.


Advocacy comes into play when seeking passage of client-sponsored legislation or when representing a client's views on legislation of interest.


Often before a client can decide a strategy it is important to know the history or intent of legislative or policy issues.


I monitor legislative and administrative activities through personal contacts with legislative and agency staff.

Political Counsel

A winning government relations program depends on a sound political assessment of the prospects for success.

Public & Media Relations

I have significant experience in working with clients and public relations professionals in identifying key public relations messages, writing news releases and opinion pieces, and serving as a spokesperson.